Pulsar 200 NS Initial Impressions

Bajaj Auto has been slowly and surely injecting the Pulsar 200 NS and Discover 125 ST in the Indian market. The company has been launching these new bikes in a new state every week. Last week Karnataka got the Pulsar 200 NS, while Tamil Nadu and Kolkata got the Discover 125 ST. Now Bajaj Auto has launched the Pulsar 200 NS in and Discover 125 ST in Bangalore. The company will have sperate launches for both these bikes in Tamil Nadu and Kerala next week. The Pulsar 200 NS is priced at Rs. 86,936/- (ex-showroom) in Tamil Nadu. The Discover 125 ST has been launched in Gujarat as well.

Many people are wondering as to why Bajaj Auto is doing a regional launch of these bikes. The reason could be many but we feel that by launching the Pulsar 200 NS and Discover 125 ST independently in all states, the bikes will get more exposure from the media. This also gives Bajaj Auto a chance to take feedback about the bikes from customers as once the bikes are launched nation wide, making changes can turn to be very expensive. Bajaj Auto will first fulfill domestic demand, after which it will start exports of the Pulsar 200 NS and Discover 125 ST to nearby markets.

Bajaj Auto lost its number two position in domestic monthly sales to Honda last month but the company is expected to give a fitting reply to the Japanese automaker with the launch of the next generation of Pulsar and Discover motorcycles. The company wants to to boost volumes in the 125cc segment and is looking at luring buyers from the 100cc segment to the 125cc segment. Currently Bajaj enjoys a 40 per cent market share in the 125cc segment and wants to further boost it to 50 per cent with the launch of the Discover 125 ST.