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Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – The Pulsar 200 NS has a unique digital speedometer when compared to the older Pulsars or any other bike in India. The tachometer is in the middle, digital speed read out is on the right side, left side consist of basic read outs such as turn indicator, side stand indicator, high beam, and a Bajaj Logo with chrome garnish on top of it that glows permanently, day or night, DRL Style. The two buttons, trip, adjust and the red line warning indicator on the instrument cluster have chrome garnishing. The speedometer now shows service due with a spanner symbol and time too. Switch gear quality is up to the mark and it is the same as the old Pulsars but the back light now is blue instead of the traditional white.

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The symbols are slightly different on the Pulsar 200 NS. The turn indicator is quite different to operate. Whether you push it left or right, if you want to switch it off you need to push the centre button to cancel it. Despite the space and availability, we found that the auto-cancelling feature was absent. Engine kill buttons kill the engine as well as the entire instrument cluster. We would have preferred the old way where it only kills the engine. Horn is puny, courtesy, the dry battery which will be a disappointment for the majority customers who always had high hopes when it comes to a loud horn from the Bajaj Pulsar. None of the wires are left loose, all wires are tied up by things which you get in supermarkets to tie your shopping bags.

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Ergonomics – The riding position is spot on, upright with wide handle bar giving a good vision all around. The rider’s seat is long and wide than any other bike I have seen before, extremely comfortable for almost anybody of any size. The tank cover, with which the metal tank beneath is covered, is also well scooped so that your inner thighs get space to breathe. Aluminum foot pegs which are used for lightness are well placed for the rider, which are now spring loaded (a Pulsar first). The pillion seat is also comfortably crafted which will have a long range before he or she complains of fatigue. Grab rails are at the back which now are not just for show, but for use as well. Foot Pegs which are mounted to the chassis are also on the comfortable side for the pillion. Clutch is light, but not feather light as the Japanese bikes. Main-stand is omitted from production model, which is sore point when you encounter a puncture. Racing stand is the need of the day. Rear view mirror’s are adequate, and provide good vision of what is behind.

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