Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 Research 1
The NS160 produces 17 HP

Bajaj says Pulsar NS160 discontinuation not on cards at least for the time being, but it might be eventually pulled

Bajaj has a good news for the Pulsar NS160 owners and fans that the discontinuation of the bike won’t happen at least for now. But, with the N160 effectively filling its shoes, pulling the plug on the bike might be inevitable in the long run.

Bajaj launched the NS160 in June, 2017 as a replacement for the NS150 and AS150. It was among the most powerful bikes of that time in its segment churning out 15.5 HP and 14.6 Nm. Later, Bajaj even hiked the power output to a good 17 HP.

Despite, its high power output, it couldn’t replicate the popularity of its competitor, the Apache RTR 160 4V thanks to most of the Bajaj customers settling for the regular Pulsar 150.

During its launch in 2017, the NS160 retailed at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 80,648/-. But, now, it commands an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1,23,750/- which be could another reason for the not so high sales.

Bajaj recently launched the new generation Pulsar N160 for an ex-showroom price that starts at Rs. 1,27,853/-. The new bike exerts 15.7 HP and 14.65 Nm. Though the power is down by more than a HP, the company claims that it’s much more fun to drive.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 Research 8
The NS160 is among the most powerful in its segment

In addition, the N160 gets a new design and a lot great features like dual-channel ABS, distance-to-empty readout, bi-functional LED projector headlamp, USB charger, etc. For the slightly extra cost, buyers do get a lot of advantage on the N160.

So, a question naturally arises as to what the future holds for the old bike. Bajaj recently revealed that the NS160 still holds some demand in certain pockets of the country and its discontinuation won’t happen at least for now.

But, eventually, the company might kill the product sooner or later. In fact, Bajaj, all of sudden, pulled the plug on the legendary Pulsar 220 even when it was selling close to 3000 odd units.