Pulsar 400 Cruiser

It is not a surprise anymore that the Pulsar twins and RC twins are on their way. These four big bikes coming from the Bajaj stable have kept the enthusiast and critics at their toes. Reason? Which will come first and which will follow the leader. Both bikes are very important motorcycles for Bajaj as they will firm their position in the sub 500cc category before the competition comes in full swing over the next two years. Scale of economies has always been Bajaj Auto’s priority and it is going to be the same with these upcoming platforms. Yes, there are two platforms which are coming in yet again like the previous generation.

However, the news now is that these are two new platforms in the Pulsar family itself. Engine platform named as “Family One” and “Family Two”. Family One has 200cc engines and lower capacity engines below it. The Family Two engines are the one above 200cc which includes the 375cc engines. Both these engines are borrowed and tweaked from partner KTM. Bajaj is going one step ahead with the new platform of engines by upgrading them to fuel injection. All know the fact that the 400cc twins are coming with fuel injection. Bajaj has been busy upgrading the existing engines to fuel injection too.

The reason why we see a lot of faired Pulsars being continuously tested is because the 200 SS is also being tested with fuel injection. The Pulsar 200 SS is coming with fuel injection was one of the scoops we had for you long time back. The other faired twin Pulsar being tested is the 400 SS. As we can see Bajaj has taken the fuel injection case very seriously after the launch of the 200 NS and as we all know, insight from customers plays a crucial role at Bajaj too. Obviously there is the price gap which can be filled up easily too. Fuel injection is also going to be borrowed from KTM bikes which is being made by Bosch. The last (and Bajaj Auto’s first) fuel injected bike was the Pulsar 220 FI which had the system from Delphi.

The upcoming Pulsar has to be the quintessential Pulsar and Bajaj is dong its best to impress. Pulsars always had a great looking exhaust on them. Although with the launch of the Pulsar 200 NS, the underbelly exhaust was not widely accepted by Pulsar fans, a fact we remember to have reported in our 200 NS review as well. Bajaj has addressed the fact and come up with short mufflers which look similar to the Yamaha FZ. So is Bajaj going to play the same role by making a 180 or 150 or may be something more? Nope! Bajaj is going to discontinue every model right from the 220 to 150 gradually from the market and keep the 135 for a bit longer than expected. Yet again we told you the fact that the 150 NS is on its way after looking at the spy shots which clearly revealed it had a single piece seat, chain case and rear drum brake.

A faired version of the upcoming Pulsar 150 could be expected and could challenge the highly popular Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R for sure. Reason? It is being said that the Pulsar 150 NS is going to have the power of the Pulsar 180 which is around 17 BHP. A 18 BHP CBR150R, R15 rival called the Pulsar 150 SS is expected to come as well with the naked version coming in first. Why do we think this is going to happen? Bajaj has done it with the 400 CS. Bajaj kept testing the faired version of the SS and showcased SS and CS 400 together at the Auto Expo. Lesson learnt, Bajaj will not hesitate by not doing it in the lower segment as well. A naked and faired version of a single motorcycle is as we all know a trend around the world and in higher segments but it has been the trend at Bajaj since 2007.

So the question is what to expect from Bajaj over the years. In the next two years, expect the six models to be launched. The Pulsar 150 NS, Pulsar 150 SS, Pulsar 200 SS, Pulsar 400 CS, Pulsar 400 SS and Pulsar 200 NS with fuel injection (there will be no Pulsar 180 NS). Every bike will have fuel injection, perimeter frame, loads of goodies and value for money price tag. Meanwhile over the three year period, expect new colours on existing models and a minor upgrade too which is being planned before the festive season to keep the cash register ringing.

Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Side

Source – Zigwheels