Bengaluru traffic police reiterates that usage of non ISI-approved helmets will not be allowed and offenders will be fined.

Steelbird Adonis ISI Certified Helmet
Starting February 1, only those helmets which have ISI mark on them will be allowed in Bengaluru

In a country with ever-rising vehicle population coupled with abysmal traffic sense, every responsible two-wheeler rider swears by the use of a branded helmet and riding gear. However, such riders are few and far between which forces the traffic police to step in and enforce the law. Strengthening its stance on the disapproval of substandard helmets, Bengaluru traffic police will penalize users of non ISI-approved helmets from February 1.

Use of low-grade helmets is rampant in India with many two-wheeler riders wearing them only to escape fines. Such helmets do not come with any certification and often fail to provide adequate protection in case of a crash as they give way under pressure or come off the head in many cases. ISI-approved helmets are considered to be safer in this regard as they conform to the standards set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Many companies including Studds, Vega and Steelbird offer ISI-certified helmets. While this step from traffic police to penalize users of non ISI-approved helmets is creditable, the department is still unclear about the use of imported helmets which are available with DOT, ECE and SNELL certification. As a rule of thumb, these helmets with global certifications are miles ahead in comparison to ISI-approved ones in terms of quality and safety standards.

Imposing a fine on their use is a far-fetched idea which is bound to attract opposition from many motoring enthusiasts. Thus, Bengaluru traffic police is seeking advice from the transport department on the matter and if needed, the crackdown drive will be postponed till they arrive at a conclusion.

Non ISI-Approved Helmets

– Bengaluru Police to start crackdown on non ISI-approved helmets from February 1
– Only ISI-mark helmets permitted, offenders will be fined
– Police department yet to confirm about the approval of imported helmets

Valentino Rossi AGV Helmet
Helmets from top brands such as Shoei, MT, ARAI and AGV cost a bomb