BMW 3-Series LWB Launch
BMW India has discontinued the 3-Series GT and they plan to launch 3-Series LWB as a replacement

One of the highest selling cars for BMW in India recently was the 3-Series GT. Thanks to the spacious interior and attractive pricing, the GT was a hit. Now that the car is discontinued, they are considering to launch BMW 3-Series LWB.

The long-wheelbase version of 3-Series is currently available in China. BMW India plans to position it between the regular 3-Series and 5-Series in India. It will fill the void that the 3 GT has left.

The BMW 3-Series LWB looks exactly the same from the front and rear. However, when you see it from the side profile, the car doesn look quite sizeable.

The 110 mm longer length of the wheelbase is clearly visible. At 2961 mm, the wheelbase is even longer than the 3 GT by 41 mm.

Changes are quite visible in the interior too. The legroom gets 43 mm extra space, the rear seat is revised offering better cushioning. There is a wider centre arm rest.

You get cushioned head rests for better comfort at the rear of the 3-Series LWB. The ambient lighting is pronounced at the rear. Cherry on top is the larger panoramic sunroof. Perfect recipe for Indian car buyers?

It’ll be a unique offering for chauffeur-driven Indian owners as you don’t get LWB in any other car in this segment currently.

BMW is preparing to launch the LWB 3-Series in India by mid-2021. It will be available with both 2.0-litre turbo petrol and 2.0-litre diesel engine options. Price is expected to be in the range of Rs. 48-52 lakhs (ex-showroom).

BMW 3-Series LWB

  • BMW India to launch long wheelbase 3-Series
  • It will replace the 3-Series GT which is discontinued
  • Launch expected in mid-2021
BMW 3-Series LWB Interior
Gets more legroom, revised seats, cushioned headrests, etc. at the rear
BMW 3-Series LWB Side
The 110 mm extra length is visible from the side profile
BMW 3-Series LWB
Launch by mid-2021, it will be available with both diesel and petrol engine options

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