7 Series Hybrid BMW
BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid

BMW has unveiled the 7 Series Hybrid Concept Car, which will be shown for the first time at this year’s Paris motor show.The BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid combines the potential of BMW ActiveHybrid technology in the luxury saloon segment as part of the company’s EfficientDynamics innovation strategy.

The BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid comes with an intelligent combination of the V8 petrol engine with Twin Turbo and High Precision Injection, based on the power unit of the BMW 750i, and electric drive as a mild hybrid concept.

The concept car allows enhanced driving dynamics together with a reduction of fuel consumption and emissions by 15 per cent versus the same car running on a combustion engine only.

Maximum output of the conventional engine in the regular production model is 300 kW, with peak torque of 600 Newton-metres.

Now this engine is combined with an electric motor fully integrated in the transmission housing, developing maximum output of 15 kW and peak torque of 210 Newton-metres.

With the mild hybrid concept, the electric motor boosts the dynamic driving potential of the eight-cylinder petrol engine giving the BMW 7 Series even more dynamic acceleration.

Using Brake Energy Regeneration, the electric motor supplies electric power to the power-consuming items on board the car, minimising the direct conversion of fuel into electrical energy and maximising the drive power available for enhanced driving dynamics.

The compact electric motor integrated in the transmission housing replaces the conventional alternator driven by the engine as well as the starter.

A high-performance lithium-ion battery integrated in the luggage compartment saves the energy generated and supplies power to the on-board network.

At the front of the BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid an aluminium band stretching across the entire width of the front end beneath the number plate serves to provide a controlled flow of air to optimise aerodynamics.

The concept car is further enhanced in its sporting and elegant look with 20-inch light-alloy rims in V-spoke design. The rims are finished in body colour, the Blue Water metallic paintwork, a signature colour for BMW’s maximum-efficiency concept cars.

At the rear of the BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid an additional air guidance element made of aluminium and exhaust tailpipes with new contours symbolise and round off the innovative drive concept.