The recall is issued due to possible corrosion of the piston in the callipers which hampers the clearance leading to fatalities.

BMW G 310 R Test Ride Report
The recall is being done in the UK and North America

Inspired by the huge success of the Bajaj-KTM alliance, BMW Motorrad joined hands with TVS to manufacture budget-oriented BMW motorcycles to increase their global presence and to showcase a pocket-friendly motorcycle for all price ranges. The partnership with TVS proved to be quite fruitful as they developed a brand-new platform and powertrain on which the G 310 R and G 310 GS are built.

Despite the hurdles faced by this platform on the battery and starter motor faults leading to breakdowns, BMW was successful in avoiding a recall. But not everything was bread and butter for BMW, as this platform started to show faults in the braking department.

In November 2018, multiple complaints started to pour in from Britain where owners experienced locking of brakes, loss in performance, unpleasant noises and odour from the brakes. BMW conducted an investigation campaign which revealed that the brake calliper piston, was un-anodised and was prone to corrosion due to environmental conditions and the unique road treatment conditions leading to interference with the clearance between the bore diameter and the piston. When the potentially affected markets were analysed by the field monitoring program, Britain was declared a high-risk area and the rest under medium/low-risk areas.

The braking equipment in question, is manufactured by Brembo through it’s Indian subsidiary, ByBre which provides inexpensive braking equipment to small/mid-size motorcycles and scooters in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South East Asia.

In March 2019, BMW voluntarily issued a recall for the affected motorcycles in the UK following with a voluntary recall for affected motorcycles from North America in August 2019. The recall includes free replacements of the brake callipers on both front and rear wheels for the affected motorcycles. The company will contact the affected motorcycle owners to bring in their motorcycles to the nearest BMW Motorrad service centre. If the owners have paid to replace any braking equipment prior to recall, the company will provide a refund to them. BMW hasn’t provided any information on the recall for Indian market yet. BMW has also withheld the sales of the subjected vehicles until the brake issue is completely resolved.

BMW G 310 Twins Recalled

– Piston in the brake calliper is prone to corrosion causing seizure
– BMW yet to confirm the recall for Indian market
– Like all recalls, this is free of cost and expected to begin in early October

BMW G 310 GS Review Test Report
The issue is related to the corrosion of the piston in the callipers