The BMW G310R Akrapovic exhaust is expected to be priced at a high premium.

BMW G310R Akrapovic Carbon
The exhaust system equally appeals to the eyes and ears

Much has been written and spoken about the BMW G310R and its impact on the global motorbiking scenario, both in India and abroad. The bike, which is designed by BMW and manufactured by TVS, is expected to bring the German automaker’s legacy and proficiency to design art-on-two wheels to the hands of the masses. But instead of blabbering about the bike like us, the people at Akrapovič, who actually know what they are doing, have come up with a spectacular sounding system for the little Bimmer.

Rejoice mortal humans, Akrapovic just released its exhausts offering for the BMW G310R entry-level bike. On the company’s Instagram page, one can hear the bike starting and then farting with a heavy tone all the way to the redline through the gears. The pesky compression technology for social media do robs the sound clip of some bass, and one may also say that the little single-cylinder engine will never match the heavy-metal drum-solo of something like the parallel-twin of the Triumph Thruxton R (God I love that name – Thruxton!!).

For the uninitiated, the Slovenian company is a global exhaust supplier in motorcycle sport, Akrapovic exhausts are used on motorcycles in MotoGP, superbike, supersport, supermoto, motocross, enduro and rally raid. So calling the legendary scorpion brand as just another aftermarket exhaust manufacturer would be an understatement. The systems are available in Racing Line (SS) and Racing Line (Carbon). It not just reduces the weight of the bike by 4.6 kgs, but also increases the power by 2.41 BHP and torque by 2.7 Nm.

BMW G310R Akrapovic Exhaust

– Akrapovič has released a teaser sound clip of its exhaust system for the BMW G310R
– In its Instagram post, one can listen to the bike starting-up and revving through all the gears
– The BMW G310R is all set to be launched in India in the next couple of month