The BMW G310R for Brazil will be assembled locally at a new plant in Manaus. The plant will be operational by end of this year and will help BMW price the G310R competitively, as the Brazilian tax structure encourages local assembly.

2016 TVS BMW G310R Rear
The BMW G310R will be produced locally in Brazil to cut prices

The BMW G310R is one of the most awaited motorcycles in India. The TVS facility in Hosur is all set to start production by the second half of this financial year. The Hosur plant will act as the global hub for the G310R. However, BMW recently announced its plans to set up a new plant in Manaus. This move was made to reap the benefits of the Brazilian tax structure, which encourages local assembly of product sold in Brazil. This will enable BMW to price the G310R aggressively.

As of now, the G310R for Brazil will only be assembled there. The parts will be imported from India as CKD kits which will later be assembled at the new plant in Manaus. BMW looks to expand their market in developing countries and hopes to achieve this goal with its most affordable bike till date, the G310R. It currently aims to shift 10,000 units from the new Manaus plant in Brazil.

The approach taken by BMW is very similar to that followed by KTM. KTM exports most of its parts to Austria from their production facility in Chakan. The parts are later assembled in Europe for their markets overseas. The move will not only benefit BMW but will also prove beneficial to India, as all the parts will be exported from their manufacturing hub in Hosur.

The BMW G310R is expected to launch soon in India. It is a new venture for BMW as it is their smallest capacity bike in the current line-up. It has a brand new engine, with a reverse canted design and a new chassis. The bike is said to go head to head with the likes of the Kawasaki Z250 and the KTM Duke 390. The price is expected to be around Rs. 3 lakhs.

BMW G310R Assembly To Take Place In Brazil

– BMW to assemble the G310R for the Brazilian market at a new plant in Manaus
– The move will help BMW price the G310R aggressively
– Parts will be imported from India as CKD kits
– BMW aims to roll out 10,000 units by 2017 from the new plant

2016 TVS BMW G310R Roadster
The parts will be imported from India as CKD kits to be assembled at the new plant