BMW India has launched a special campaign called the BMW Xperience 2011 at Gurgaon, NCR Region from 16th to 23rd October, 2011. A test course has been specially designed for this event to show off the prowess of the various BMW cars. It has been designed exclusively be a team of international experts and features 10 simulated obstacles where each obstacle brings out a unique feature of the BMW X range. Here you can experience the BMW X5, the BMW X6 and the all new BMW X3, of course under the supervision of trained BMW drivers. Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President BMW India, said, “BMW Group is a pioneer in creating new vehicle segments. The entire Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) was created by BMW. The BMW xDrive is one of the most advanced examples of a four-wheel drive systems in use today’s world. The BMW Xperience is a one of its kind event, being organized at such large scale in India. This is an exciting opportunity to experience the superiority of the BMW X range of SAVs in a stimulating and safe off-road environment.”

The BMW XDrive system incorporates an all wheel drive system that monitors the driver’s driving continuously and accordingly distributes the power between the axles. Under normal driving conditions, it does a 40:60 torque split between front and rear. However, if there is any sudden change in requirements on account of differences in the friction values between the road surface and the driven wheels or because of the driving situation, the torque split can be varied within a fraction of a second without the driver even becoming aware of the change In India, the xDrive feature is standard in the all new X3 (xDrive20d, xDrive30d), the X5(xDrive50i, xDrive30d) and the X6 (xDrive 50i, xDrive30d).