BMW has launched a limited Sachin Tendulkar edition range of 3-Series and 5-Series luxury sedans which are only limited to an exclusive 15 units.

BMW Sachin Tendulkar Edition
Sachin Tendulkar is seen signing the limited edition BMW cars

BMW India’s association with legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been quite an old one when he became the brand ambassador for the German luxury car brand in 2012. The cricketing sensation has been a great follower and fan of the company’s cars as well and is the owner of one of the most exclusive 7-Series luxury sedan in the whole world (the car sports the cricketer’s name in many places adding a unique touch).

The company today has launched a special Sachin Tendulkar Edition with the 3-Series and 5-Series luxury sedans. The significance of these models are that these have been exclusively signed by the cricketer himself at the company’s manufacturing plant (just recently when he came to the plant to assemble 50% localised cars). The limited edition signed cars are only limited to 15 units.

While talking about BMW itself, the Bavarian car manufacturer is not having a pleasurable time in the Indian market. Rivals including Mercedes and Audi are comfortably holding BMW at par as the first two brands continue to battle for the top spot in the luxury car market in the sub-continent. BMW has not been able to sell as many cars as its rivals due to the fact that the latter group has been updating its products much faster, while also retailing more attractive propositions in India.

The company however is hoping that a few publicity drives here and there will help them garner a few more sales. Regardless of this, BMW is not taking its defeat in the luxury space lightly and will definitely hit back with all guns blazing in the future.

BMW Sachin Tendulkar Limited Edition
No further details regarding the special edition has been revealed till now