BMW M 50 Jahre Edition Front
The overall styling remains the same as the cars it’s based on

BMW M3 and M4 50 Jahre Edition make their global debut, get M forged wheels with double spoke design

BMW has unveiled a new ‘M 50 Jahre Edition’ for its M3 and M4 performance cars. It’s the 50th anniversary of BMW’s performance division ‘M’ and the brand is raining special editions for its popular M sport cars.

Just days ago, the German maker unveiled the M4 CSL, which is 1 of the fastest from the brand’s stable. The CSL is a limited edition model with production restricted to just 1000 units for the entire world. Same way, the 50 Jahre Edition will also be a limited edition model.

BMW M 50 Jahre Edition Side
The double-spoke wheels render a sporty stance ready for a race

Unlike the CSL, the changes in the 50 Jahre Edition are mostly limited to visual upgrades. The M4 50 Jahre Edition will be available in Carbon Black, Macao Blue, Brands Hatch Grey, Imola Red, and San Marino Blue.

On the other hand, the M3 50 Jahre Edition will be available in Techno Violet, Deep Interlagos Blue, Fire Orange III, and Limerock Grey.

On the outside the Jahre Edition gets 19-inch front and 20-inch rear M forged wheels with a double-spoke design. Customers can choose between Orbit Grey Matt and Gold Bronze Matt colours for the wheels.

BMW M 50 Jahre Edition Seats
Except for the edition badging at certain spots, there’s isn’t much difference on the inside

On the inside, the door sill panels get the lettering ‘Edition 50 Jahre BMW M’, a metal plaque on the center console with the same words, and a special imprint on the headrests, available for both the M sports seats and the, optional, M carbon bucket seats.

The edition shares its powertrains with the cars it’s based on – either the M3 or M4 Competition. For example, the M4 50 Jahre Edition gets the same 3-litre twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine from the M4 Competition pumping out 503 HP.

BMW M 50 Jahre Edition Rear
The edition shares its powertrains with the cars it’s based on

While the number of units that will be manufactured hasn’t been disclosed yet, the car could find its way to our shores as BMW is quite clear about reserving it for the global markets.

The BMW M 50 Jahre Edition currently starts at a price tag of $96,695 (Rs. 74.99 lakhs) in the US market. But it would command a slight premium when it’s launched in India.