BMW M5 vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S
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Shootout: BMW M5 vs Mercedes-AMG E63S

Shootout No. 202

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,70,38,575/- (Mercedes-AMG E63S), Rs. 1,78,07,499/- (BMW M5)

If luxury and features are a priority pick the AMG E63S otherwise the M5’s performance is insane

The Germans have been at it for years, fighting it out for top honours in the super saloon category. Ironically, both Mercedes and BMW have brought out the new generations of their go-fast sedans around the same time. Both follow the same formula of taking four people in comfort with their luggage, while not really attracting much attention, and doing it at lightning speed, thanks to a lot of pooooower. But which side are you on? This is a battle of Stuttgart vs Munich, Mercedes vs BMW, all over again!

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The E63S gets chrome finished exhausts but they aren’t real

Styling – Both the cars here have a matte finish adding to their sporting character. Mercedes and BMW have ensured that they change their high-performance saloons slightly but effectively over their standard counterparts. This strategy works well for neither of the cars look too brash or too plain.

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BMW’s iconic kidney shaped grille against Mercedes’ two-slat grille

Both the cars are based on their standard sedan versions

In making the E-class sportier, Mercedes-AMG hasn’t forgotten in retaining the elegance normally associated with the E. The dual DRLs on each of the headlights, the long crease that extends from the front to back and the large chrome strip at the back flanked by sleek taillights on either side give this an unmistakably Mercedes look. The AMG has worked its magic with a more pronounced grille, aggressive bumpers, quad exhausts, jet black alloys which goes well with the grey paint.

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The M5 looks mean while the E63S looks muscular

The M5 ends up looking less dramatic. It has all the design credentials to distinguish it from the standard 5, it is just not as impactful as the E63S. Still one can like the treatment given to the bumpers, the carbon fiber roof, the black kidney grille and the tailpipes which look more traditional than the ones on the E63S. Colours are very subjective, of course, but we reckon the M5 would look better in ‘Marina Bay Blue Metallic’

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The BMW M5 has two customisable buttons on the steering wheel

Interiors – Step inside and both cars will greet you with well-appointed albeit very different interiors. The BMW feels more tech-savvy and distinctly more driver-focused than the cabin on the Mercedes-AMG. The layout remains the same as the standard 5-Series but that red switchgear, carbon & aluminium inserts, the illuminated logo on the headrest and those large bucket seats make it feel like a car designed to smash the autobahn.

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The E63S has a premium interior with more features

The E63S’ interior feels more luxurious with the carbon-fiber inserts

The E-Class has a richer interior ambiance and is slightly ahead of the BMW when it comes to material quality. The fusion of classic elements like the nifty clock in the center with more modern large screens gives the cabin an analog character without feeling dated.  What lets the experience down a bit is the infotainment system which feels nowhere as responsive and easy to use as the one in the BMW. 

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The BMW M5 misses out on a sunroof but gets an extremely lightweight carbon fibre-reinforced plastic roof

The E63 is better equipped than the M5, not only do you get a sunroof, you get 360-degree parking camera, dual 12.3-inch screens on the dashboard and even ventilated seats. The AMG is also the roomier car here, this in spite of being based on the short wheelbase version of the E-Class. Not much to choose between the boots of these vehicles but if equipment is what you seek, Mercedes is a step ahead here.