The top-notch German car brands are putting a step ahead from being rivals to partners.

Mercedes-Benz vs BMW
Moving forward to partnerships to reduce development costs and boost profitability

The partnership between auto manufacturers is not very rare but the likely unusual partnership between BMW and Mercedes-Benz is a sign of good times. Such a partnership between BMW and Mercedes-Benz would have been done thirty or fourth years ago but in this times of cutting edge competition, seemed too good to be true.

Partnerships are also a way to become more agile in the race to dominate digital services. The collaboration might even see the two-auto industry stalwarts sharing a similar platform. The main objective of this partnership is simple, cost savings in development.

In the possible partnership, development projects for a new vehicle platform is the key. That could mean models like the BMW 2-Series coupe and Mercedes A-Class sedan could share a similar platform or imagine a BMW 3-Series sitting on a C-Class structure architecture. Therefore, it is impossible to predict which product or technologies would be the first to come out of a highly unusual partnership.

BMW currently works with Toyota, as well as conducts research on hydrogen cars. Mercedes-Benz meanwhile has a cross-shareholding with Renault and Nissan, involving engine sharing and joint vehicle production. That is why Mercedes has talked to Fiat, GM, Ford, Hyundai and others about a possible joint venture.

However, in an ideal world, Mercedes would prefer to team up with a premium company like BMW. Mercedes is adding a set of 10 electric vehicles over the next four years. While BMW said, it would offer 12 battery models by 2025. Mercedes-Benz was the first ever automaker to launch a BS6 car in India. Automakers are also pushing for hybrid and electrification in order to reduce pollution and make cars more fuel efficient.

BMW Mercedes Platform Partnership

– The next generation of BMW and Mercedes cars could share more than just market space
– Development of self-driving cars and electric cars on the cards
– The German brands could develop new advanced technologies together

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