The dynamic brake light will be available on some BMW Motorrad’s European motorcycles for the 2016 model year and is an innovative safety feature.

BMW Motorcycle Dynamic Brake Light
The light activates under sudden braking, flashing the brake light to the following driver

With constant emphasis towards safety in the motoring world, it is extremely interesting to see automakers introduce more safety tech and electronic aids on two-wheelers, which are otherwise considered to be less safe. While features like ABS, ESP, traction control, daytime running lights among others are common between cars and motorcycles, BMW Motorrad made another feature common called the ‘Dynamic Brake Light’ system that warns drivers following a motorcycle, in case the latter has to apply brakes suddenly because of a dangerous situation. A safety feature specific to only cars till date, BMW is the first automaker to offer this in motorcycles.

Essentially, the Dynamic Brake Light system warns drivers when the motorcycle in front of them is braking. There are two levels of the intensity of the warning lights to turn on. Level one is activated when there is a deceleration of more than 50 km/hr and is signalled by the blinking of the brake light with a frequency of 5 hertz. Level two is emergency braking and operates at a speed of less than 14 km/hr, setting off the warning lights. The lights remain active until the motorcycle once again reaches the speed of at least 20 km/hr.

At present, BMW Motorrad will be offering the Dynamic Brake Light on selective motorcycles including the R1200 GS and S1000 XR and it will also come as standard on the K1600 GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive tourers, for the 2016 model year. In addition, the German auto giant has included ABS Pro and Ride Modes Pro safety features on the MY2016 motorcycles as part of the safety kit. Moreover, the bikes get refreshed graphics and paint options for the new year. Make sure to check out the dynamic brake light system being demonstrated in the video below and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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