2013 BMW 3-Series LWB front

The German car maker, BMW which has continued to rule the roost in the Indian luxury car segment has now some threat to worry about from its German competitor, Audi. With Audi targeting to snatch BMW’s Number 1 position by 2014, BMW is definitely all up for the number game. To increase its own portfolio, BMW has decided it will be launching the Long Wheelbase version of its most popular entry level sedan, the BMW 3 Series.

The LWB version of the BMW 3 Series was showcased at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show that was held last month. However, the model showcased there was tailored according to the requirements of the Chinese customers who though have a short height have something for extra leg space for the rear passenger. The LWB BMW Series has been increased to a wheelbase of 2920mm, 110mm longer than the regular model sold in the Chinese market.

The overall length of the car has also been increased to 4734mm. Under the hood, the LWB BMW Series is still powered by the 3 engine options; the 2.0-litre turbocharged gasoline producing 181 BHP (in the 320 Li), producing 242 BHP (in the 328Li) and a 3.0-litre turbocharged gasoline producing 303 BHP (in the 335Li). In India, it will also be offered with some diesel engine options or might retain the same diesel portfolio that is present in the regular 3 Series currently.

2013 BMW 3-Series LWB interior

2013 BMW 3-Series LWB seats

2013 BMW 3-Series LWB side

2013 BMW 3-Series LWB rear