2012 BMW C-Evolution Electric Scooter

The Olympics 2012 opening ceremony had something more for the viewers. The Bavarian automaker’s motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad, showcased its first zero-emission E-scooter at London Olympics. The BMW brand famous for its luxurious cars and super-bikes, is entering the electric vehicle segment through its “i” series of pure-electric models. The original E-scooter was showcased earlier at the BMW Motorrad Innovation Day 2011. Post that the Concept E was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, last year. Now, a near-production prototype has been developed and the same was presented in London. Named as C Evolution, the E-scooter will be given for drives to only select Olympics visitors.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0jBJjZ4mWQ 540 375]

The BMW C evolution has an electric motor which sits on a hybrid composite structure. It produces a continuous output of 15 BHP and a peak output of 47 BHP. It takes you to an electronically limited top speed of 120 km/h. The C Evolution is powered via a drivetrain swing arm. The swing arm is coupled to the alternator which is fitted behind the battery casing. It uses a KWh battery, which once charged, can give a range of almost 100 kilometers before the charging cycle. One can charge it in a regular charging station or at home using a regular household socket. A complete charging cycle is just three hours. The smart feature of this scooter is the ‘smart’ recuperation system. This system helps in regaining the energy during braking or coasting. This means that your scooter will provide you additional range.

Now, aren’t these features smart enough for you to own one of these BMW’s marvels? The iconic brand brings with it a lot of end users expectations and this time too it shall live up to their expectations. The production model of C Evolution will be manufactured soon and should hit the roads by 2014.

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