2022 BMW X8 Spied Front
The grille might once again overshadow every aspect of the car

The BMW X8, due to arrive in 2022, has been spied while undergoing testing on international soil.

It looks like for every traditional SUV it has on sale, BMW wants to introduce a sloping roofline version. Having introduced three such models, it is now time for the big daddy to enter markets worldwide.

A development mule of the X8 has been caught testing and while it does not give away much in terms of design, it looks to be similar to the X7 until the B-pillar, post which the body is restyled.

As can be seen, the 2022 BMW X8 spied car pictures show that the model has a roofline that gently slopes to the rear.

Of course, being a modern BMW, it will come with a giant grille, capable of gobbling up tankers, while there is also a big radar sensor lower down.

With the iX EV and the new M3 and M4, BMW showed that it is not afraid of giving its cars a controversial face. So, the grille, while being big, might be restyled for the X8 and be different than that of the X7.

Interestingly, the headlights are mounted much lower than in the X7. So, we could see a split headlight layout on the car. At the rear, a rather small roof spoiler and split tail lights are present.

Being a luxobarge, the X8 might also concentrate only on luxury and thus is expected to seat just 4 passengers, instead of being a practical 7-seater.

One important thing to note is that the 2022 BMW X8 spied car wears the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker, with a charge port at the front.

Thus, it is clear that at least one variant of the X8 will come with hybrid tech which could possible work alongside the 4.4-litre V8 motor.

Expect BMW to officially reveal the X8 late in 2021 and add an “M” model a year after that. And yes, it will be BMW’s most expensive model to go on sale.

2022 BMW X8 Spied

  • BMW X8 has been spied while on test runs
  • The big SUV will come with a coupe roofline
  • Expected to go on sale in 2022 and will be the costliest BMW
2022 BMW X8 Spied Side
It is a massive car, that is for sure
Rear Profile
Some design elements of the electric iX could make it onto the X8
2022 BMW X8 Spied
Expect the model to make its debut during the latter half of 2021

Source – Motor1.com