Honda Mind-Reading Bike Tech
The system is called the Brain-Machine Interface

Honda is working on a mind-reading bike and has even filed a patent for a brain-wave-detection system that will let motorcycles know their riders’ thoughts.

Filed by Honda’s Los Angeles-based R&D Americas facility the patent does not look out of place in today’s world where technology ensures miracles are an everyday affair.

To put it simply, the technology would require the rider to wear a helmet with built-in electrodes that can pick up brain-wave signals and feed them in to the Brain-Machine Interface (BMI).

A computer then interprets them and sends instructions to the bike which would have a suite of tech such as IMU, accelerometers, electronic throttle, ABS, TC, much like the latest premium and exotic bikes.

But, the system, that aims to keep the rider and passenger safe, would require the bike to have a sensor measuring steering angle and an actuator to move the steering.

Amusing as it may be, Honda mind-reading bike examples shown in the patent picture a rider pulling off a wheelie using just thoughts. The systems assist the driver to do the stunt by taking over the control of various aspects of the bike.

It is likely that Honda will make use of the tech it showcased in its Riding Assist and Riding Assist-E concept bikes along with this new tech to produce a capable mind-reading bike.

In a world where algorithms rule and tech companies define what people must see and read and frighteningly what they should not, this new technology would not feel out of place. Bring it on Honda!

Honda Mind-Reading Bike

  • Honda is working on a mind-reading bike
  • It has applied for the patent of a brain-wave-detection system
  • A rider would be able to pull a wheelie by just thinking about it
Honda Mind-Reading Bike Working
It is essentially designed to make riding a bike a lot safer
Honda Mind-Reading Bike Wheelie
While this is not the tech’s intention, one could pull off stunts if they wanted to
BMI Stoppie
Let us just say Dhanil will not be pleased with this development

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