The Bosch engine management system will see affordable fuel injection technology as well as give the vehicle digital intelligence via a smarter ECU. It will be cost effective.

Bosch Engine Management System Asia
The FI system provides improved fuel economy, comfort & lesser emissions

With the Asian markets including India witnessing expansive two-wheeler growth by ten folds, component maker Bosch plans to introduce a new cost-effective fuel injection technology for the growing market that will revolutionise engines and technology on modern day two-wheelers sold in these markets in the future. The German manufacturer has announced its new robust and affordable engine management system that has been designed for low cost two-wheelers to offer improved performance and higher fuel efficiency, while being digitally intelligent.

The sub-250cc market across Asia comprises of majority of sales with two-wheelers used as a major medium of transportation. However most bikes in this segment come with the conventionally powered, carburettor equipped engines, providing Bosch with ample scope to imply its new engine management system. The company states that its new and simplified fuel injection system reduces fuel consumption up to 16 percent that will replace carburettors completely and there is a significant reduction in emissions.

In addition, the Bosch engine management system provides digital intelligence to the two-wheeler via the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that analyses all the data from the engine to the amount of fuel thereby controlling the combustion cycle using complex on-board diagnostics. Furthermore, motorcyclists will also be able to connect with their two-wheelers in the future using Bluetooth or a connectivity control unit with the help of an external device like a smartphone. The connectivity options also offer smartphone based anti-theft immobiliser which can only be activated using the owner’s smartphone and also offers enhanced levels of personalisation for the rider including different riding modes.

With stringent emission norms and rising fuel prices, the adoption of smarter technology is the need of the hour on two-wheelers. Coming to fuel-injection in particular, Bosch states the new lost cost system will be able to replace carburettors completely and will not cost significantly higher than the same either. Apart from Bosch, Magneti Marelli also plans to provide low cost fuel injection systems in India and will be introducing the same on a new bike from Hero MotoCorp next year.

Bosch Engine Management System Smartphone Connectivity
Digital intelligence will provide connectivity to the owner along with enhanced safety