GetMyPeon is a unique service offering manpower when you need it. They have aptly named their task menu heading as ‘Replacing Your Shawdow’.

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Daily chores end up consuming a lot of our time and sometimes we aren’t able to do more important things because errands can’t be set aside. Fret-not because a new service called GetMyPeon helps you save time for some money and since time is money anyway, it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. GeyMyPeon offers a range of services and their latest is pick-up and drop-off service for your bike, so that it can be serviced at the place of your choice.

One needs to email them the details (where to drop-off and what to convey to the service centre) and a person will come and pick-up the bike from your place, dropping it off at the service centre, a charge of Rs. 250/- is done for a one-way drop. If you want the bike to be dropped back to your house, you can pay Rs. 400/- in total. Most mass market motorcycles are serviced under Rs. 500/- so in comparison, the pick-up and drop facility might not seem like a good deal but then you save a lot of time, more so as you won’t be using public transport to leave and arrive back at the service centre after dropping your bike.

This service is available for mass market bikes including motorcycles and scooters. It won’t be sensible to send your performance bike using this service since not everyone has the expertise in handling fast machines. That said, for motorcycle enthusiasts, this service won’t be of much use as bikers love to take their machines to the doctor themselves and be there with it while routine service is being done. Of course at times one can’t stay at the service centre (some repairs can take longer too) so using GetMyPeon can be a good idea. You can get in touch with them at 9833183385.

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