BS6 Jawa Lineup
The Jawas were an instant hit as they offered much better equipment than the Royal Enfields

Jawa has finally introduced its BS6 lineup, and it receives some improvements over the previous models. They had previously revealed the prices for their BS6 models in March but there are no official performance figures yet.

The BS6 Jawa lineup was initially supposed to arrive way back in March, but as usual, the pandemic played spoilt sport. But on the flip-side, this delay has now resulted in some improvements over the previous models.

The obvious key change is that the 293cc mill is now BS6 compliant. But there’s more to it. The engine now comes with cross port technology, which increases the engine’s volumetric efficiency by allowing a better flow of exhaust gases and charge. Jawa claims that this addition will result in improved performance of the engine.

Additionally, the engine also has a newly positioned lambda sensor which monitors internal and external variables even more efficiently to provide cleaner emissions and consistent performance. Lastly, the throttle response is also crisper because of the improved fuelling, and the gearbox is also claimed to be slicker than before.

Moving on, the BS6 Jawa motorcycles get an updated seat pan and better cushioning to improve rider and pillion comfort. A few minor changes also include a new horn and better chrome plating. There were a lot of complaints from Jawa owners about the rusting of the chrome parts, so it is nice to see that Jawa is improvising.

All Jawa dealerships are now accepting bookings for the BS6 lineup, and the bikes are also available for test rides. For ease, customers can also book the motorcycles online by paying a token amount of Rs. 5000/-.

BS6 Jawa Price

Black- Rs. 1.73 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.82 lakh (Dual ABS)

Grey- Rs. 1.73 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.82 lakh (Dual ABS)

Maroon- Rs. 1.74 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.83 lakh (Dual ABS)

BS6 Jawa Forty Two Price

Haley’s Teal- Rs. 1.6 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.69 lakh (Dual ABS)

Comet Red- Rs. 1.65 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.74 lakh (Dual ABS)

Galactic Green- Rs. 1.65 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.74 lakh (Dual ABS)

Nebula Blue- Rs. 1.65 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.74 lakh (Dual ABS)

Lumos Lime- Rs. 1.64 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.73 lakh (Dual ABS)

Starlight Blue- Rs. 1.6 lakh (Single ABS), Rs. 1.69 lakh (Dual ABS)

(all prices are ex-showroom)

The motorcycles are also available with a range of easy finance options that allow the customers the option of paying the EMIs over a timespan of two or three years.

The finance options which will be on offer across all Jawa dealerships are-

  • Scheme 1– 50% off on first 3 EMIs
  • Scheme 2– Special EMI plan @ Rs. 5,555/month
  • Scheme 3– EMI plans as low as Rs. 8,000 @ 2years and Rs. 6,000 @ 3years

While the prices of the Jawa lineup have shot up between Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 9928/-, but if the claims are correct and the changes actually result in a better motorcycle, we think the price is pretty valid.

BS6 Jawa Lineup

  • Jawa has finally introduced their updated BS6 lineup with improvements
  • The engine now comes with cross port technology, a first on any single-cylinder engine, and Jawa claims that this results in improved performance
  • Other changes include a new horn, better chrome plating, slicker gearbox, better fuelling and crisper throttle response
BS6 Jawa Lineup
This is the Jawa 42, which gets flat handlebars for crisper riding dynamics