Bugatti Baby II
A replica of the original small car that was made by Ettore and his son Jean

Bugatti has unveiled the Baby II, the smallest member in its range of everything hypercar and expensive, to celebrate its 110th anniversary.

The Bugatti Baby II is a tribute to Ettore’s half-scale Type 35 that he built along with his son Jean for his youngest son Roland on the occasion of the latter’s fourth birthday.

Originally, the car was not for sale, but it was produced between 1927 and 1936 and only 500 were made. So, the new Baby will also have a 500-unit production run. Like the original, it is also a rear-wheel-drive electric vehicle.

However, there are differences between the original and the Baby II. It is a three-quarters-size replica of the Bugatti Type 35, that can be driven by both adults and children and features removable lithium-ion battery packs, regenerative braking and even a limited slip differential.

A hand-built car, the Bugatti Baby II will come with two selectable power modes – a 1 kW “novice” mode with a limited stop speed of 20 km/hr and a 4 kW “expert” mode with 45 km/hr limited top speed. An optional “Speed Key” upgrade is available that allows power of up to 10 kW and disengages the speed limiter.

Despite it being the smallest member of the Bugatti family, it does get unique touches like the Bugatti’s famous “Macaron” badge made of 50g of solid silver, just like in the Chiron.

Cockpit of the Baby II features a turned aluminium dashboard, leather seat, a scale recreation of the Type 35’s 4-spoke steering wheel and custom instruments. Signature 8-spoke aluminium alloys are present and correct, while it is painted in traditional French Racing Blue, but other colours are available.

Each car will have its own plaque displaying its unique chassis number and further, cars ordered in 2019 will incorporate a badge to commemorate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary.

Bugatti Baby II

  • Bugatti is launching the Baby II, a reboot to the original Baby
  • Will be hand-built and limited to 500 units
  • Features removable lithium-ion battery packs and rear-wheel-drive
Bugatti Baby II Dashboard
The Type 35’s 4-spoke steering wheel has been recreated for the car
Wheels of the car
The vintage looks will be accompanied with utmost attention to detail
Rear profile of the car
Interestingly, it can be driven by both children and adults
The original car gifted to Roland
This is the original car that was gifted to Roland, Ettore’s youngest son