This behind-the-scenes video reveals how the Bugatti Chiron 0-400 km/hr run was shot.

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It was in 2017 when Bugatti released a new video of their latest supercar Chiron doing a crazy 0-400-0 km/hr run. This run was completed in 40 seconds and the video sent every auto enthusiast on the globe in a tizzy. There were a lot of online speculations as to how the video was shot, but now the makers of the video have revealed it all.

The top most speculation was about the car which was used to shoot the Bugatti Chiron. Now, the Chiron is a crazily fast car so it was obvious that an equally powerful and fast car would have been used and a lot of people speculated that the tracking car was a Toyota Supra Mk4 which was heavily modified to churn out 1000 BHP. There were rumours about a Nissan GT-R and a helicopter too!

It has now been revealed in the behind-the-scenes video that another Chiron was used for the shoot and they actually took a full continuous shot of the 0-400-0 run. Launching both the cars at the exact same time was one of the big challenges they faced.

The producers of the video got hold of a DJI X5 camera and mounted it firmly on the rear of the second Chiron. The X5 is found on the DJI Inspire drone. While footage was extremely smooth, some camera shake was added while editing the video to add some drama to it.

Bugatti Chiron 0-400 Run

– The run was shot with another Chiron
– A DJI X5 camera was mounted on the tracking car
– The 0-400-0 run was done in a record 42 seconds

Bugatti Chiron Tracking Car
The camera was mounted at the rear of the car
Bugatti Chiron Shoot
What’s better than one Chiron? Two Chirons!

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