Yes you read it right. The fastest street legal production car is set to raise the bar of modern automobiles by a good margin. Bugatti has released plenty of special editions of the Veyron since its inception and now on the eve of the supercar’s 10th anniversary, the French automaker thinks that its customers deserve something else apart from conventional upgrades. The car, whose name gives goose bumps to any automobile enthusiast and the dream car probably for everyone is all set to become bigger and better.

The Bugatti Veyron SuperSport is gearing up to boost up its insanely 1200 HP engine to a jaw dropping 1500 HP one. The Veyron will be housing the same W16 engine and the power will be boosted by a hybrid system. The new CEO of Bugatti Mr. Wolfgang Duerheimer is said to have approached the R&D of Audi and Porsche for the hybrid technology. The all new French beast could be launched next year.

Now coming to the most important question; will the new SuperSport blow past the 431 km/hr mark? Well the answer is a YES. Though the true top speed of the Veyron is unknown, it is said that the new SuperSport is on its way to create a new land speed record and we expect it to be more than 450 km/hr. Hey wait. What about the name? What will be the new SuperSport called? The company hasn’t thought much of the name but it is said that it is unlikely to be called as Super Veyron.

The new Bugatti Veyron (possibly the hybrid version) was caught testing on the Nurburgring circuit. One of the mules uses aluminium trusses on the rear to strengthen the chassis, because of the new physical challenges imposed by the hybrid system while the other one uses wider fenders and a wider track. Apart from that, it also incorporates new sporty wheels that have never been spotted on a Bugatti model.

Though the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest street legal production car, the Koenigsegg One:1 is the fastest on paper. Looks like Bugatti wants to be the leader even off the tarmac. With this much of potential under one frame, the company is all set to achieve new heights; this car is truly going to be the Legend of the Legends.