We have heard complains about the Volkswagen Polo having a major manufacturing defect. Owners of the Polo are reporting that they can’t lift the driver side wiper to clean the wind screen as it is scratching the bonnet. In India, the car wash guy always lifts the wipers to wash the car and the dealer says one should stop the wiper in mid-wiping position and lift the wiper. This is something which is not easy to do, atleast in the Polo. Our test car had the same problem so we want to know is this problem common to all Polos? If you have a Polo, kindly check and let us know in the comments section below.

Update – 20/08/2010 – ThisFivePointer has sent us a picture from the manual which clearly shows the Volkswagen Polo does not have a design flaw but has been naturally designed this way. Many thanks to ThisFivePointer for clearing out the confusion.