Safety and emission norms in the country need a strict revision. Recently, four highly popular cars failed the Global NCAP crash test and all of them got a zero star rating.

Mahindra Scorpio Global NCAP Test
Mahindra Scorpio was given a 0 star rating for safety in Global NCAP test

It was not for the first time that cars serving Indian markets were declared unsafe in the Global NCAP tests. Moreover, there are a few automakers who are currently undergoing cases for violating various emission norms. With so much happening in the auto industry, it is high time concerned authorities take strict action against errant automakers.

The cars that failed the recent Global NCAP crash tests are still exported to other markets with the same pace. The cars that were tested were manufactured in compliance with the existing safety norms in India which is nothing but a joke. In order to pass these tests, we either need stricter regulations or these vehicles should be manufactured with the same standards as their export counterparts.

The Maruti Eeco, Celerio, Hyundai Eon, Mahindra Scorpio and Renault Kwid were tested against the Global NCAP ratings. Each of the five vehicles were rated with zero star ratings for safety. Each of the companies got away by stating that their vehicles meet the safety norms that are currently set in India.

These companies claimed that the crash tests were done at a speed of 64 km/hr instead of the standard 56 km/hr. The revised crash test regulations for existing cars will be introduced in 2019 while for new cars, fresh norms will come into effect in 2017. It remains to be seen how efficiently manufacturers implement these norms.

Emission norms and regulations also need to be revamped by the authorities. Few years ago, General Motors was accused for committing ‘corporate fraud’ for violating emission norms. The company also defied the technical specifications in the manufacturing of the Tavera. As a result, the company recalled over 1.26 lakh units of the Tavera produced between 2005 and 2011-12. There has been no strict legal action against the automaker in this regard.

Recently, Volkswagen was accused of committing fraud for using emission defeat devices. The case is still pending under the Transport Ministry. The company has itself accepted the use of defeat devices for passing emission tests. The government had appointed a panel of experts to check whether the emissions are complying with Indian regulations or not.

The law in the country regarding emission and safety norms needs to be stricter. Car manufacturers are obviously trying to tackle the law for their self interest. The government should come out with an effective strategy in the interest of the public.

Safety & Emission Norms

– Global NCAP tests rated many Indian cars with zero star ratings
– Car companies claim that their cars meet Indian standards and norms
– The government will introduce revised rules for stricter safety and emission norms

Volkswagen Polo Chakan Plant
Volkswagen was currently under accusations for using defeat devices to tackle emission tests