Carberry Motorcycles introduces vibration reduction plate for Royal Enfield bikes, costs Rs. 3000/- .

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Carberry Motorcycles has introduced a much-needed accessory for Royal Enfield bikes. Before taking you through what the accessory is, let’s tell you what Carberry Motorcycles is first. Well, most of you might be aware, but for those who aren’t, Carberry Motorcycles is an Australian-based custom bike maker. Remember the Carberry Enfield, a 1000cc bike? Paul Carberry and his Indian partner Jaspreet Singh Bhatia formed a company (Dream Engine and Manufacturers) which is in the business of making these 1000cc Carberry V-Twin bikes.

The company has now ventured into making accessories for Royal Enfield bikes as well and the very first accessory is known as the Vibration Reduction Plate. Suitable for 350cc and 500cc Royal Enfield bikes, the special plate comes with a lot of benefits. The plate is designed to support and stabilise the RH crankshaft which is cantilevered after the bearing is under the load of the cams and rotor.

The specially designed plate stabilises the uneven distribution of mass around the axis while improving the life of the bearings and reducing the cam wheel wear and noise. Most importantly, as the name of the plate suggests, the vibrations in the 60-90 km/hr speed range are reduced thereby giving you a smooth riding experience. If any one of you owning a Royal Enfield Classic/Bullet/Thunderbird 350 or 500 and are interested in this product, you can visit the official Carberry Motorcycles website and place an order for the plate. While the website currently lists the product as out of stock, there is an email address provided for you to get in touch with them and when the product is in stock again, the company people will get in touch with you.

Carberry Vibration Reduction Plate

– Specially designed plate to reduce vibrations in a Royal Enfield bike
– Likely to be suitable for Classic/Bullet/Thunderbird 350 or 500
– The plate prevents backlash between the pinion and cam wheel on any angle of rotation

Vibration Reduction Plate RE Bikes
Cost for the Vibration Reduction Plate is Rs. 3000/- but as a Royal Enfield owner, would you buy this?