“Monsoons are here. Roads are wet. It’s time for some fun. So let’s get set.”

Let’s get set, to feel the rains splashing against us. It’s time to take out our bikes and drive on those lovely roads amongst the green woods. After reading this, I am sure half of you would have reached your garage with your helmets. Hold on.

There is something your bike wants to say. Its raining outside and she needs some care and protection. So let’s hear what she says.

Before you take me out for a ride, there are three things you have to keep in mind.
1) Pre-Drive Precautions
2) During-the-drive Precautions
3) Post-Drive Care

Let’s look at them one by one.
Pre-Drive Precautions
First things first, ensure that you get me serviced from the authorized service centre. Because during the rains, it would be really disastrous if I break down somewhere half the way. I should be fit and all my parts should be in good condition especially the brakes and the tires.

While driving on wet roads, one cannot brake suddenly. Thus the brakes should function smoothly. The liners, discs and interiors of the drum brakes should be cleaned and the level of the brake oil should be maintained.

The tires must be checked and if you feel they have worn out then please get them replaced before taking me out. Also the tire pressure should be maintained at few psi less than that required under dry conditions. Use a good anti-rust lubricant to prevent my parts from rusting. Now that you have ensured I am fit and fine let us move on to the next one.

During-the-drive Precautions
Always wear your safety gears. A helmet and knee pads are a must and a waterproof jacket and gloves are without doubt needed. A completely drenched driver can lose out on concentration and this could lead to accidents. Do not ride very fast because you never know where the road might turn slippery. Do not brake abruptly as again there are chances of skidding. And obviously do not take turns at high speeds. I know you know all of these, but a girl friends always keeps reminding you of the things you tend to not follow in real situations.
2011 Hyosung ST7 Review
Post-Drive Care
The drive is over and we are back to our garage. Do not just leave me like that. Just like how you need a shower now, I need one too. Wash me completely and then oil and grease my parts to prevent them from rusting. Focus more on the nooks and corners where dust tends to accumulate easily. And most importantly lubricate the chain.

So easy to maintain me isn’t it? Easier than maintaining a girl friend I suppose. So let’s get ready for a looooooog drive in this rain.