Domino's Pizza Delivery Vehicle

Chevrolet India introduced the Beat to the Indian market in early 2013 and this product was well received in the market as well. Due to its sporty design, value for money package, good fuel economy, cheap to run and maintain and not to forget, the fame from the movie (Transformers). But, it boasts of practical interiors with satisfactory rear seat comfort, which actually meant compromising on the boot space. Chevrolet in America is doing something which owners won’t appreciate even one bit. It is turning the Chevrolet Spark (international name) hatchback into a pizza delivery car! Domino’s, leading pizza makers in the world are opting for this car for delivering pizzas because it is cheap to run and the interior space can be modified according to their needs.

A company, named ‘The Local Motors’, a community of car designers and fabricators took the Chevrolet Beat gave it to the already award winning designer Marian Cilibeanu, to modify it in a way which will look good and perform best to the needs of the company. The rear seats and the front passenger seat are removed and the front passenger seat makes way for keeping large cola bottles, small pizza heat wave and other various cutlery items. The rear seats gets replaced with an aluminum floor and a box is placed for carrying larger parcel orders (5% of the time) which will keep the pizza hot till its reaches its destination. The boot is occupied with another specially designed box which can take six bottles of cola and another heat wave full of pizzas.

Coming to the exteriors, the Chevrolet Beat has specially made new front bumper, matte finish grey paint (with Domino’s written on both the doors and hood) and cab style illuminated banner is placed on the roof of the car. The motor is going to be the naturally aspirated 1.2 Smartech petrol engine producing 84 BHP; despite the added weight, it should be quick enough to deliver pizza on time. This modified Dominoes Beat costed the company $20,000 (Rs. 11 lakhs) and the company plans to procure 5000 of them. Most likely this won’t be done in India, with the rising fuel prices it’s impossible, and already Domino’s uses 100cc motorcycles to deliver pizzas which says it all.

Domino's Pizza Chevrolet Spark

Marian Cilibeanu Chevrolet Beat

Domino's Pizza Chevrolet Beat