Facelifted Chevrolet Sail China Camouflaged

The Chevrolet Sail was spotted with minor camouflage in Shanghai, China. This may suggest that the sedan is on the verge of getting a facelift. The Chevrolet Sail was developed by SAIC in collaboration with GM in China and has been on roads since a long time. The hatchback version was launched in China in 2010. The priority China is getting, because the Sail being born there, is well understood. The Chevrolet Sail sedan has not yet been introduced in the Indian market. GM decided to launch the hatchback version Sail U-VA first, which is due for launch on 2nd November 2012.

Although not a thorough camouflage and not much effort taken to disguise the entire body, a few black patches were noticed at the front, around the headlamps and at the rear. This hints that a new bodywork can be expected around these places. This is merely a facelift for a refreshed look and nothing more. We still see the typical Sail dual front-grille. So an assumption can be made that this is definitely not a new generation Chevrolet Sail. The facelifted Sail is expected to debut at the 2013 Shanghai Auto show.

GM-India is currently busy with the launch of the Chevrolet Sail U-VA which it hopes to be a fortune turner for the company. It is only post this event that GM will focus on the Sedan version. Vigorous final-phase testing have been observed in India and the launch could be near. But India is less likely to receive the facelifted body and will feature the current Chevrolet Sail design. Maybe when India receives the next version of the Sail, the new design would be incorporated on the Sail.

Facelift Chevrolet Sail China Camouflaged

Source – CarNewsChina