General Motors’ subsidiary division Chevrolet, failed badly at the Latin NCAP crash tests when its Sail sedan was marked unsafe and unstable by the crash test reports.

Chevrolet Sail Latin NCAP Crash Test
The tested Chevrolet Sail at the Latin NCAP lacked airbags

The Latin New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) tested the Chevrolet Sail with a crash test. It declared the car to be unsafe because of the lack of airbags and inadequate high impact load carrying capability. The Latin NCAP testing made the parent company, General Motors to reconsider the safety features of its cars. GM is now planning to cast out the cars without airbags and inadequate safety features by 2019.

The Chevrolet Sail failed the frontal collision test with remarks like life threatening injuries to the driver’s head and chest. The other models including the Aveo, Spark and Agile cars without airbags have also scored zero stars on Latin NCAP’s tests. There is a lack of 3-point seat belts in all positions and the airbags in the low cost cars which is the prime reason for the failures of such cars in NCAP crash testing.

Initially, General Motors defended the lack of safety features in the low priced cars to make them more affordable for low income customers. But after the Latin NCAP testing reports, the company is now looking forward to take a step ahead regarding safety of their vehicles and provide more safety features to its cars. The new safer cars will appear in 2019 as the company will be phasing out all cars without airbags.

It is not only GM that is having cars with zero crash test ratings. Other car manufacturers like Hyundai, Nissan, Fiat and Renault also have cars in the market which have failed such tests. On the other hand, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen manufactured cars at least exceed the minimal required safety ratings.

Chevrolet Sail Latin NCAP Crash Test

– Chevrolet Sail gets 0 stars in Latin NCAP crash testing
– The Sail sedan lacked airbags and 3-point seat belts in all positions
– GM may phase out cars without airbags and other safety features by 2019
– Other car manufacturers like Nissan, Renault and Fiat also have 0 star safety ratings for few car models

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