A businesswoman in China paid 1,00,000 yuan cash for a new BMW 7-Series in one yuan denomination, that she had collected over a long period of time.

BMW 7 Series Bought In Change
20 employees of the dealership took 6 hours to count all of the cash

Latest news from China is a little out of the box (literally), a woman has recently purchased a BMW by paying in cash. If you are still thinking that how can this be surprising news to anyone, the woman who is only named as Ms. Li has payed for her new Bimmer in small change. The car buyer who comes from the city of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province runs a food retail business. The buyer of the car said that the purchase not only allowed her to fulfill her dream of owning a BMW, but also allowed her to deal with the problem of all the small change that had been accumulating from her wholesale food business.

The woman reportedly partly paid 1,00,000 yuan (Rs. 10.2 lakhs) cash, in one yuan banknotes for a brand new BMW 7-Series luxury sedan (730Li). The notes were tied in several bundles and put into boxes, which collectively weighed up to 100 kgs. The BMW dealership as a result had allocated 20 employees to count all the cash that the lady had brought, which took them 6 hours (from 9:30 AM to 3:30 AM) to count. The remaining balance amount of around 1 million yuan (around Rs. 1 crore) was paid through her credit card.

Li Moran, general manager of the BMW dealership said that the purchase had been the first time he and his staff had counted so much cash. He also said that he had previously only heard of people purchasing vehicles by small valued banknotes, but he never imagined that he would be getting to experience such a purchase on his own as well. The news along with its photographs, has gone viral on all social media websites as of late.

BMW 7 Series Cash Purchase
The cash came bundled in many boxes
BMW 7 Series China Woman
That’s how 1,00,000 yuan in one yuan notes looks like