Soon, clicking pictures of illegally parked cars can earn you money.

Mumbai Traffic Jam
The initiative is aimed at curbing illegal parking in cities

Owning a car in metropolitan cities might be a matter of pride for some people but those who own and drive one on a daily basis know what its repercussions are. Traffic jams and parking spots are a big worry for car owners and drivers in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru and vehicles are often found parked in No Parking Zones. To curb this very issue, Nitin Gadkari – the Minister of Road Transport and Highways has come up with a scheme. He has asked people to click pictures of illegally/wrongly parked vehicles and send them to the concerned authorities and claim their reward.

10 percent of Rs. 500/- collected from the owner of the parked vehicle as a fine will be awarded to the person who sent the picture. A provision for the same will be made in the Motor Vehicles Act. The minister is ashamed as officials from his own ministry have been parking their cars on the road due to the lack of parking places. He believes large institutions should have their own parking spaces.

While getting paid for clicking the pictures may seem like a good idea, the new initiative is not bound to solve the parking issues faced by citizens on a daily basis and most importantly in a country like India, people might start fighting to snatch phones or cameras to delete the picture/pictures of their wrongly parked vehicles! It is also going to be a very difficult challenge for the government to actually implement this in real life.

Illegally Parked Cars

– Clicking pictures of illegally parked vehicles will soon get you rewards
– The picture of the wrongly parked car has to sent to the concerned authorities
– Proposal is 10 percent of Rs. 500/- collected as fine will be paid to the person sending the picture

Mumbai Traffic
Implementation of this idea will be very difficult