Confederate Motorcycles has unveiled and launched their latest bike, the G2 P51 Combat Fighter. It makes 200 BHP of power and looks out of this world.

2015 Confederate G2 P51 Front
This is the kind of bike collectors would love to own

There are bikes and then there are superbikes. The latter stir up your soul. They excite you to no end and make you keep staring at them all the time. The power of these machines can scare the wits out of anyone. While there are many well known global superbike makers around the world such as Harley-Davidson, Ducati and Triumph, we also have some specialist bike makers who believe bikes are a form of art. They build bikes which only a handful of connoisseurs would be able to afford considering art doesn’t come cheap. Confederate Motorcycles is one such bike maker.

Based in the state of Alabama in the USA, Confederate Motorcycles has been in the business of niche bikes which they build in very limited numbers using hi-tech materials and futuristic styling. Laying your hands on one is extremely difficult as the number of each bike made is limited and it goes without saying that enthusiasts lap them up as soon as they can. Their latest offering is the G2 P51 Combat Fighter which looks absolutely stunning and incorporates some mind-blowing engineering techniques. Right from the carbon fibre wheels to the big-block V-twin engine which is built completely from 6061 aerospace billet aluminium, this creation truly touches the pinnacle in innovation.

The G2 P51 Combat Fighter is based on the new CX4 architecture which is a lighter and tougher version of Confederate’s powertrain and powertrain mounting system. Powering it is a big-block, air-cooled, push-rod V-twin engine which gives it more than 200 BHP of power and 230 Nm of torque, enough to satisfy the hunger for speed of any rider in this world. The engine breathes through a CNC billet aluminium downdraft intake manifold which is a first in the industry. The transmission transferring this power to the rear wheel is a 5-speed straight cut unit.

When so much power is being transferred to the wheels, they need to be strong. Carbon fibre being the strongest material is the choice for the wheels. While the brakes may look puny to the eyes, they do help in stopping the beast well in time. Suspension duties on the front are performed by a double wishbone girder link system which has been developed by the company themselves. Rear suspension duties is done by the more familiar multi-link coil-over. The bike runs on Pirelli tyres which provide it enough traction for those perfect launches at the drag races, if the owner decides to hit the strip. Priced at a base price of US$ 1,13,900 (Rs. 75 lakhs), only 61 units of this exceptional machine will be built.

2015 Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter
31 units of the “Blonde” G2 P51 will be built
2015 Confederate G2 P51 Side
The Black Flag G2 P51 comes at a premium of US$ 5600 (Rs. 3.68 lakhs)
2015 Confederate G2 P51
Look at the bike and you are bound to fall in love with it
2015 Confederate G2 P51 Rear
Engineering excellence at its best is what this bike can be described as