Ford India has come up with a fest to celebrate the sale of 2 lakh EcoSports. The three day fest will be conducted from 21st August to 23rd August across all Ford dealerships.

Ford EcoSport 2 Lakh Sales Milestone
The compact SUV has found 1.12 lakh homes in India, rest are exports

Ford launched the EcoSport in India a few years ago and it became an instant sales sensation. Long waiting periods became the norm and some dealers started taking advantage of the situation by asking customers to buy accessories to get early deliveries. With time, the demand has settled down and there’s more competition too. This has resulted in falling sales. With the facelift set to launch soon, the current inventory needs to be cleared too. Ford has come up with “EcoSport 2,00,000 fest” this weekend wherein customers will get additional gifts on booking the car.

With the launch of the Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, the Ford EcoSport is certainly feeling the heat. Customers are willing to spend a bit more and get a car which is bigger in size. Until the facelift of the EcoSport arrives, Ford has a huge task on its hands since it needs to keep the sales momentum going and clear the inventory of the current car that it has. Discounts are the first thing which comes to the mind when inventory clear up is looked at but Ford is playing it smart with the fest they have come up with.

Due to the fest, many prospective customers will come to the dealerships across the country and will get a good experience. A good experience before buying a car goes a long way in the decision making process. Also, the inclusion of assured gifts scheme (worth up to Rs. 5 crore) is likely to lure customers into booking the compact SUV on the spot. Also, the newly launched Ford Aspire might benefit too as it is a known fact that most customers visiting a car showroom try out various cars. With them looking at the compact sedan as well, positive word of mouth will spread which would lead to more sales. Two birds hit with one stone. Smart move, Ford.

Ford EcoSport Facelift Revealed
With the facelift set to be launched soon, current inventory needs to be cleared up