2012-suzuki GSX-R1000-frnt

Super bike companies are creating some really fast machines allowing enthusiasts to throttle to the maximum limit. Some riders throttle up on tracks while some on road. I still get goosebumps whenever I see movies like ‘Too Fast Too Furious’ and I still remember the scene from ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’ where Nicholas Cage uses NOS to throttle up Shelby Eleanor close to 300 km/hr. I remember the quote “Records are meant to be broken and history is meant to be rewritten.”

A guy in Dallas did rewrite history. William Pfohl is the name of the biker who was sort of chased down by the Dallas Police Department. I would rather say the police could not chase this biker. William claimed to have topped a speed of 305 km/hr on Dallas roads. The chase started when the police department thought that it was a bike stolen from Florida. The biker had no intensions of giving up and resisted the arrest. The pursuit lasted for a whopping 117 kms. The police later admitted that their chopper Air One couldn’t keep up with the pace of the biker as the bike’s top speed was more than the chopper’s. This is where I recalled Nicholas Cage in ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’.

The Dallas Police Department couldn’t hold their heads high even after the chase came to an end. That’s right they got two reasons for that. The Police at any point of time could not corner him down. The biker gave up the chase only because he ran out of fuel putting an end to the chase. The biker remembered that the chopper giving up the chase at a speed of 280 km/hr. After initial investigation the police confirmed that the bike in fact belonged to William. Later they charged him for evading arrest. The bike being ridden by William was a Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Head over to NBC5 HERE to see the video of the chase in action.


2009 Suzuki GSX R1000 K9