Nissan’s emerging market brand Datsun is looking at bringing its third product to India quickly in a bid to increase volumes. The company is looking at improving its dealership reach with the set-up of new outlets.

Datsun redi-GO Auto Expo India
The Datsun Redi-GO is scheduled for launch by June 2015 in India

Nissan plans to prepone the launch of the Datsun Redi-GO (entry-level hatchback which was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo) as their GO hatchback continues to do poor sales, the vehicle was launched last year. The Japanese automaker also wants to reach more buyers by expanding their sales network, the company plans to set-up smaller dealerships across the country, mainly in Tier II and III cities as the Datsun brand is not familiar with a lot of people in the sub-continent. When Nissan had launched the Datsun GO, they aimed at achieving 10 per cent market share in the Indian car market by 2016, a target they are sure to miss.

The sales figure of the Datsun GO in the year 2014 was just 13,879 units, which is poor when compared to its rivals, who sold three times of what Dastun managed to sell. The GO was poorly accepted by Indian customers, as it wasn’t very appealing and comes from a brand which is totally unheard for many. Nissan also failed on achieving much volumes with the GO. The GT-R maker plans on doubling their sales network in the future from the current 158 outlets. Nissan has planned on a new strategy in India, so that at least by 2016, they can make a mark in the competitive Indian car market.

Nissan also announced the setting up of smaller dealerships across the country, as they feel that in India people have a lack of awareness regarding their brand. They also want to promote Datsun in smaller towns and cities where they feel the car has huge potential. The Datsun GO had failed the Global NCAP crash test which had become instant news and Global NCAP had asked for the withdrawal of the vehicle from India, this created a negative image about the vehicle, mainly about its safety factor. This prompted Nissan to offer a driver side airbag as an option on the recently launched GO+ compact MPV.

Datsun redi-GO Showcase India
Nissan is betting big on the Datsun brand to boost sales in the volume segment