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The price of diesel was hiked by 30 paise over the weekend in Delhi

Delhi diesel price was hiked once again on 26th July as Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) made the revision again. The price of one litre of diesel stands at Rs. 81.94 and no revision was made today.

It must be noted that the price of diesel was increased by 15 paise each for two days, on 25th and 26th July. The total diesel price hike amounts to Rs. 12.55 per litre (from 7th June). Thankfully, the price of petrol has not changed recently.

Per litre petrol costs Rs. 80.43 in Delhi and since 7th June, the price of the fuel has increased by Rs. 9.17 a litre. The situation is the same in other major metros, where, in recent days, only the price of diesel was revised.

In Mumbai, diesel is sold at Rs. 80.11 and petrol at Rs. 87.19, in Chennai, diesel costs Rs. 78.86 and petrol Rs. 83.63, whereas in Kolkata, people will have to shell out Rs. 77.04 for diesel and Rs. 82.10 for a litre of petrol.

Meanwhile, the Petrol Pump Dealers Association in Punjab has decided to protest against high rate of taxes on petrol and diesel in the State. Punjab imposes 33.4 percent tax on petrol and 19.77 percent on diesel, while VAT rate in Chandigarh is 22.45 percent on petrol and 14.02 percent on diesel.

Because fuel price is less in neighbouring Chandigarh and Haryana, fuel station owners are facing revenue loss, especially those who do business near the border. Moreover, due to the pressure of revenue loss, G S Chawla, a Mohali-based fuel station owner allegedly ended his life on 22nd July.

Thus, around 3450 fuel outets in Punjab will be shut from 8 am to 5 pm on 29th July to press the government to reduce taxes and also to pay their respect for the late G S Chawla.

Delhi Diesel Price

  • Diesel price close to Rs. 82 per litre in Delhi
  • Since 7th June, the price of diesel has risen by Rs. 12.55 a litre
  • Punjab fuel station owners plan protest against price hike
Delhi Diesel price
Numerous tax hikes have led to the current situation

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