17 Year Olds Self Made Bike

What do you do, if your a 17 year old and your father denies to give you a motorcycle? Similar thing happened to Yash Gehi, who went ahead and made a bike for himself. A class XI student, used the headlight and engine from a Luna, whereas the front wheel is from a cycle and the rear wheel from a Bajaj M80. The petrol tank was picked up from a Yamaha RX100. The materials costed him Rs. 9000/- and his first ride was around his farmhouse in Gir. Satisfied with his work, he took the bike to the streets of Rajkot. The Luna engined bike has two start modes – kick and pedal. It has a 1.5 meters gap between the tyres and can touch a top speed of 60 kmph. The bike is named Indian Chopper and uses a 49cc engine, making it legal for the 17-year to ride without a license.

“I collected the materials from two-wheeler models that are no longer in production and made this bike after a month’s hard work. I was inspired after seeing a bike called American Chopper on the Internet. I made this bike to ride it, not to sell it. Its mileage is 40 km per litre. I can make a similar bike if someone places an order for it. I can also guide other underage enthusiasts who are interested in making a similar bike,” Yash said.

“I denied him a bike for his safety, but I had little idea that he would take it up as a challenge and make one himself,” Yash’s father, Kishore Gehi, said.

Source – NDTV