Advertisements released by Bajaj for promoting its Dominar 400 have garnered a negative public reaction so far.

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After taking a dig at Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past, domestic two-wheeler maker Bajaj is back at it again. This time, the Pulsar-maker has aired a string of Dominar 400 vs Social Media videos on YouTube, strangely comparing its flagship motorcycle to social media activities.

The content of the video series revolves around Dominar 400’s Hyper riding nature and portrays the bike as faster at performing top speed, braking and acceleration runs than people performing activities on social media platforms. Again, the videos are targeted at Dominar 400’s rival, Royal Enfield with a line said by the anchor in one of the videos – “Size without performance is not good enough”.

While one of the videos show the Dominar 400 racing to breach the 140 km/hr mark before a guy types a 140-character-long tweet on his mobile phone, another video shows the Dominar 400 doing hyper-agility moves to reach a girl before a guy finds the same girl on a dating app. As if this was not enough, the third video shows the Dominar 400 performing a braking move on a slippery surface in time to photobomb a group’s selfie.

Public response has been poor and many viewers have expressed their disgust in the form of dislikes and negative comments. Apart from using fake exhaust sounds in the video (inline 4), the company is also accused of tarnishing the bike’s image by existing Dominar 400 owners. The sports tourer Dominar 400 is available at a starting price of Rs. 1.41 lakhs (ex-showroom, Mumbai).

Dominar 400 vs Social Media

– Bajaj has aired a video series to promote the Dominar 400
– Fake exhaust sounds and meaningless tests have been done
– Compares Dominar’s speed with that of people doing activities on social media
– Public is outraged and owners are upset with Bajaj’s strategies

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Catch All The Latest Videos, Subscribe To MotorBeam

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