Bajaj Auto has started making available different vibration reduction kits for Dominar 400 customers.

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Are you an avid biker and a proud owner of the Bajaj Dominar 400? A die-hard fan of biking and bikes very well understands the need for smooth rides without vibrations. Vibrating tank and seat steal all the joy of riding and it is very annoying especially if you ride on rough roads. It’s very frustrating to tolerate the vibrations of the bike after spending a high amount. But guess what? There is no reason to regret your spending because this problem has a great solution and that too free!

Bajaj has come up with an easy solution to bike vibration. Bajaj showrooms now offer a free Vibration Reduction Kit for Dominar 400 owners to make their rides smooth. Whenever you start feeling vibrations on the bike you can visit your nearest Bajaj service centre and get the vibration reduction accessory installed around the vibrating part. The tricky part of this solution is that you have to precisely find the side and the origin point of the vibration.

The following vibration reduction kits are available for customers –
Vibration reduction kit for fibre tank cover
Vibration reduction kit for front seat
Vibration reduction kit for pillion seat
Vibration reduction kit for the metal tank inside the fibre tank

The kit essentially consists of rubber shock absorbers that absorb the vibrations and the holding parts and fitting screws that keep them as absorbing pads in place. You need to thoroughly find out which side of the bike part vibrates. The vibration reduction components are fitted only on the side of the point where vibration is originating. You can test the effectiveness of the installed components with a ride and can get more components installed on the other sides to null the remnant vibration. The entire kit together consists of 12 parts installed as per need.

With that you are free from the agitation and the worry you experience because of vibrations from time to time while riding. Your bike is your love and you cannot compromise its safety for long rides. Now that you have a free solution you can ride on your Dominar 400 wherever you want. Happy riding!

Dominar Vibration Reduction Kit

– Available free of cost for customers
– Entire kit consists of 12 parts
– Available for different parts of the bike

Bajaj Dominar 400 Long Term
This is very positive news for owners of the Dominar 400