Ducati Diavel Carbon India

The owners of Ducati Motorcycles are looking at selling of the Italian brand in 2012. The interested buyers who could pick up the Italian superbike manufacturer include BMW, Mahindra and Volkswagen. The current owners of Ducati are Investindustrial who are looking at 1 billion Euro from the sale. Ducati is not on the stock market and the owners are looking at an individual buyer to pick up Ducati. Currently Ducati does not have a strong support in countries outside of Europe.

Mahindra recently exited Engines Engineering and might look at Ducati as a serious option to jump start its 2-wheeler division. All the three companies are very strong financially, while BMW already has a full fledged and successful motorcycle division. Volkswagen could see Ducati as a sensible buy as the German automaker has an excellent distribution network globally. While for Mahindra, Ducati will bring them expertise in motorcycles along with years of R&D.