The Eicher Pro 6000 Series heavy duty trucks are equipped with world-class technology from the Volvo Group along with the frugal cost expertise of Eicher Motors.

Eicher Pro 6000 Series Launch
Eicher Pro 6031 haulage truck comes with a load capacity of 31 tonnes, highest in the series

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV), a joint venture between the Eicher Motors and the Volvo Group has launched its new generation Pro 6000 Series heavy duty trucks in West India. The new range of Pro Trucks include the Eicher Pro 6031 (31T GVW 8X2), Eicher Pro 6025 (25T GVW 6×2) haulage trucks and Eicher Pro 6025T (25T GVW 6X4) tipper. The company states that these new generation trucks represent the future of Indian trucking and combine Volvo’s technology and Eicher’s frugal cost expertise and management that will help set up a new benchmark among customers.

The new Eicher Pro 6000 Series has been developed with the learnings from customers and has been designed to meet across several departments including haulage, distribution, construction, industrial loads, courier and perishables. Powering the heavy duty trucks are the VEDX5 and VEDX8 engines that have been designed in collaboration with Volvo and incorporate the Swedish manufacturer’s new Engine Management System (EMS 3.0) that aids in providing better efficiency. The VEDX5 is a 5.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine that belts out around 180-210 HP of power and 825 Nm of torque and is said to deliver a fuel efficiency figure of 4.5 km/l, a 15-20 percent gain over its rivals as per customers. The VEDX8 is a six-cylinder engine that makes marginally more power than its smaller sibling.

In addition, the Eicher Pro 6000 Series heavy duty trucks are equipped with advanced on-board diagnostics systems aiding in proactive maintenance. The system also shows up fault indicators to the driver in the form of visual signals, messages and alarms. This helps in much effective maintenance on the Pro 6000 Series. Moreover, Eicher says that the heavy duty trucks also get an ergonomically designed cabin along with a sleeper cabin for comfortable driving and high driver efficiency. Other salient features on the Pro 6000 Series include telematics (Eicher Live) to help the owner keep a track of the truck, fuel coaching for improving fuel efficiency and cruise control that helps in long distance driving.

Eicher Pro 6000 Series Heavy Duty Trucks
The Pro 6000 Series trucks are powered by the VEDX5 and VEDX8 engines with EMS