Electric 2 Wheelers July 2022 Sales Hero Electric Optima
Hero Electric Optima CX

From 12,683 units in April, Ola Electric has slipped to 3426 units in the sales of electric 2 wheelers in July, 2022

In July, 2022, the sales of electric 2 wheelers saw Hero Electric regaining the coveted top-spot from newer rivals. This will provide the much needed relief to the Munjal-lead group from the electric onslaught that’s happening of late.

Hero Electric sold a respectable 8679 units in July, 2176 units up from June performance. Okinawa Autotech, on the other hand, sold a tad lower 7999 units in July. Though the brand rolled out much more than the previous month, it couldn’t keep up with Hero Electric this time.

The newly launched 3 versions of TVS iQube Electric have received a very good response with TVS clinching the third spot this time. Efforts on increasing the capacity and delivery have shown results.

Against a monthly average sale of 2908 units in the first quarter of 2022, the Apache maker has sold 6304 units of TVS iQube Electric in July 2022.

Owing to the rise of Hero Electric and TVS, Ampere has been pushed to the fourth place in July. It sold 6106 units against 6540 units the previous month.

Ola Electric has posted 1 of its worst performances of this year. Selling just 3426 units in July, the company has registered a massive de-growth of 73 percent when compared to its peak performance in April when it sold 12,683 units clinching the top-spot at that time.

In fact, since the start of the sales sometime late last year, Ola Electric saw a constant rise in sales till April. Had the company made sure that the S1 Pro was niggle free right from the start, by now, it would have surpassed the magic 20,000 units.

How the electric 2-wheeler manufacturers fared in July, 2022:

RankOEMJuly ’22 Sales
1Hero Electric8679
2Okinawa Autotech7999
3TVS (iQube)6304
5Ola Electric3426
6Revolt Intellicorp2261
7Ather Energy1192
9Okaya EV1028
10Pure EV928
Newbies Benling and Okaya have sold decent numbers

But the issues faced by customers in its direct-to-home delivery model, software bugs that lead to charge depleting quickly, reportedly poor built quality, and instances of the scooter causing accidents might have lead to the fall after April.

However, the Hosur based manufacturer might have a relief as sales are still ahead of the other rivals like Revolt and Ather. It must be seen how the company performs in the coming festive season.