Engima Crescent Electric Scooter

It was only two days back the news was out that the electric vehicle sales slumped due to end of subsidy offered on them. The companies planned to shut their businesses and move to other fields. Many even feel that they cannot sustain in this business. But here is a player who thinks the else way. Enigma Auto, is the one which not just thinks but has also shown its confidence on electric vehicle industry. Yesterday, the company launched, not one, not two but three electric scooters in India. Well, isn’t that a bold decision? Especially such a news coming right after other electric vehicle manufacturers giving up hope is something that can create a wave.

The Engima scooters are priced between Rs. 28,500/- and Rs. 31,900/- (on – Road Delhi). There are three scooters on offer – Intense, Muscular and Creasent. These scooters take 6-8 hours to charge and have a top speed of 25 km/h. The scooters boast of a range of 50 kms per charge with a single rider on-board. All the scooters have drums brakes all around and telescopic forks at the front. Registration is not required for these electric scooters. These scooters are available in 4 colours – red, white, brown and black. The flagship Engima Creasent also features cruise control, anti-theft alarm, motor lock system, 48 Volt lightning system and multiple charger sockets. It has a range of 55 kms on full charge.

Surprisingly the company’s website has wrong spellings of the products. The Intense is written as Intansce, while Muscular has been written as Mascular.

Enigma estimates to complete sales of 20,000 units of these three two-wheelers in the next one year. Currently, the company assembles these vehicles at a local plant in Delhi. This plant has an installed capacity of 100 units per day. Almost 50 percent of the components are shipped from Taiwan. Talking about the futuristic plans, the company is coming up with a plant at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan which needs an investment of over Rs.30 crores. This new plant will have an installed capacity of 500 units per day. As per their expansion strategy, they are likely to increase their dealer network to 100 by year ending 2013 from the current number of 18.

Well, that is not all. The company has concrete plans of entering the electric three and four wheeler industry. Perhaps the hope arises from the current fuel price fluctuations and hikes which the companies feels could lead to increase in demand for the electric vehicles. A great deal of research is in progress to develop these three and four wheelers. The company is confident about launching the three wheelers by next year. The four wheelers would take another 3-4 years. All in all, that was indeed a bold step by the company.

Engima Intense Electric Scooter

Engima Muscular Electric Scooter