Non German cars sporting the German flag, what’s happening?

German Number Plate India
Hyundai happens to be a Korean car brand and not German

Herd mentality is rampant in India, we can see it evidently when we look at the sales chart. However, things have gone too far as people have started copying others without even thinking twice. Case in point is the title of this article – German flag on number plates? So much for patriotism!

Nowadays you will see a ton of cars which have the German flag on the number plate which is completely fine as long as the car is of a German brand but most often, you see non-German cars sporting the German flag. In fact, this trend has caught up so much that even some official press cars are having the German flag on the number plate and they aren’t German cars (while German cars are rarely seen sporting the German flag).

I don’t understand as to why people want to promote Germany on their cars, if they have so much real estate on their cars for a a flag, might as well put the Indian flag proudly. Else, putting a Korean flag for a Korean car, American flag for an American car and so on and so forth would make much more sense. Heck, MINI aggressively uses the Union Jack (British flag) on its cars in spite of the parent company being German.

Lots of Hyundais, Toyotas and Jeeps have been seen with a German flag on the number plate with none of the aforementioned cars having any relation to Germany. Clearly the owners of these cars missed Geography class at school.

German Flag Number Plate
Someone seems to have messed up with understanding flags