Stolen Ferrari
The Ferrari 458 Italia was registered in Delhi and the owner had been waiting to get its ownership transferred

A stolen Ferrari V8 supercar was found as the police successfully managed to catch three persons who fled with it after only three days at a suburb in Hyderabad.

Imagine buying your very own Ferrari worth crores of rupees and finding that it has been stolen in the most singular of instances. This is what befell Divesh Gandhi, a businessman based out of Mahendra Hills in Hyderabad.

On 23rd June, three persons, among whom was a high-end car dealer, illegally transferred ownership of Divesh’s Ferrari 458 Italia onto the name of a person from Delhi and stole the supercar. But their plans were foiled by the police before they could take off.

On the same day, Divesh lodged a complaint that his Ferrari was stolen by unidentified people when he left the car in the hands of his neighbours. He had purchased the car last year from one Jessique of Kozhikode, Kerala, for Rs. 2 crores with the help of Neeraj Sharma, a car dealer from Hyderabad, and his friend, one Ganesh from Bengaluru.

According to the police, in November the same year, Divesh, through Neeraj, had sent the vehicle ownership transfer documents to one Prince Pathak, a Delhi-based car dealer, to get the vehicle transferred to his name as it was registered in Delhi.

When Neeraj went to the USA and got stuck due to the COVID-19 lockdown imposed there, Divesh decided to wait till things settled to get the ownership transferred.

However, on 23rd June, when Divesh left his Ferrari at his neighbour’s house, three men went there, introduced themselves as friends of the car owner and stated that they had come to check the mechanicals of the supercar. Having convinced the neighbours, they obtained the keys to the car and fled the spot, stated the police.

Upon verifying the CCTV footage, the police tracked the suspects to Tolichowki three days later and nabbed them. The suspects have been identified as Neeraj Sharma and two others named Bhupinder and Saddam from Delhi. The latter are associates of Delhi car dealer Prince Pathak.

Further investigation revealed that Prince used forged documents to transfer the Ferrari to his name and later to one Bilal from the national capital. The duo are on the run. Further investigation is on.

Ferrari 458 Italia Stolen

  • Divesh, a Hyderabad-based businessman, had paid Rs. 2 crores for the car and sent ownership documents to Delhi where it was registered
  • Two car dealers, one from Delhi and the other from Hyderabad and their accomplices fraudulently changed ownership of the car and stole it
  • The police have nabbed three people, while two more in connection with the case are absconding
Stolen Ferrari Side
The car was purchased for Rs. 2 crores from a Kerala-based man
Stolen Ferrari Rear
Three persons have been nabbed by the police, while search is on for two more

Images Source – Car Crazy India on Facebook