Ferrari Approved
Those who prefer buying older Ferrari’s need only approach Ferrari!

Buying a used car from an approved dealer is common, but buying a Ferrari the same way is not, at least not for Indians.

Ask any young chap about which supercar he wishes to own and chances are the answer would result in him naming a product that rolled out from Maranello, Italy.

Quiz purists about the Ferrari they would like to own and the reply might not be as expected, for they would point towards getting a 360 Modena or a 430 coupe, among other such older models.

Such people do not want astronomical power figures or cars that have a gazillion tech systems. But, getting their favourite old Ferrari from the pre-owned market, although tricky as it may be, could also turn out to be a nightmare at times.

Thankfully, through Ferrari Approved, owning a used supercar originally made at Maranello has become a fairly simple process now. Under its pre-owned certification programme the firm conducts a thorough inspection on all used Ferrari’s to ensure that they are as good as new.

How thorough you ask? Well, the technical inspection of each car is carried out by a team of technicians and they cover a total of 190 individual checks. The state of the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, air-conditioning unit, lights, safety systems and even the tyres (for tread depth and pressure) are inspected.

Of course, the technicians go through the maintenance history of the used Ferraris and work on both the exterior and interior of such cars to bring it to showroom-spec before bestowing them with the “Approved” license.

Each and every Ferrari Approved model will come with a warranty of up to 24 months, like in Europe, with unlimited mileage. Earlier, the warranty period was limited to 12 months in countries outside Europe.

But the biggest bonus of them all would be the fact that the Ferrari Approved programme makes its cars a bit more accessible and how could one not find that appealing?

Warranty Extension
A total of 190 checks are done on used cars says Ferrari